We are Divemasters   5 comments

That’s it. Kerry and I are officially Divemasters. We are now qualified professional scuba divers. Ace! What it also means is we can get paid to do something we love doing.  The picture below shows blue dots for all our skills.  Our diver nicknames are Dolph and Huck.

All told the course as taken us nine weeks. With seven dive weekends to Pelorus Island and six pool sessions helping to teach open water students taking their first tentative breaths as scuba divers. In my interview to start the Divemaster course I said I wanted to be a DM to help other people discover the amazing underwater world. I’ve already started doing that while in Townsville. I can’t wait to do it some more as a Divemaster and an instructor for many years to come. Infact this weekend I was diving with a lady ,who until the weekend trip, hadn’t dived for a while so was lacking confidence in the water. At one point on the final dive she just knelt on the sea bottom at 13 metres and looked around mesmerized at the sight. Colourful coral gardens extending into the distance, a huge divesity of fish exploring their surrounding, massive coral bommies soaring towards the surface and clown fish darting in and out of anemone. I reckon she’s hooked again……..

A selection of my favourite images from this blog are available to buy at stefanpalmer.photium.com


5 responses to “We are Divemasters

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  1. Congratulations. Hope you are both ok xx

    Sharon & Nick Turner
  2. Well done you two.

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