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Yea immature I know, but I couldn’t resist the title for a post about our evening at the Australian Open. We purchased “after 5 passes” and had the opportunity to see a men’s double match between a couple of Aussie guys playing against some foriegn fellas. The match was on number 3 court known as the Margaret Court Area. Because Kerry appears to have a total knowledge gap on tennis I explained the rules and scoring system as the game progressed. Luckily it was pretty straight forward with the foriegn guys winning 3-6, 6-3, 6-3. It was a great atmosphre just like my visit to Wimbolden a few years ago. The facilities are second to none. I didn’t realise The Open’s only been at it’s current location for 25 years. And according to friends of ours the place is being renovated after the Open!  The venue is easily within walking distance of the city centre. Unlike Wimbledon, matches continue well into the early hours of the morning if necessary by flood light. My only disappointment of the evening……not seeing any ladies matches. Oh well.

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