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During our time in Townsville we shared a house with Alana.  We couldn’t have had a better house mate.  She was brilliant.  She often offered her car for us to get to places, watched Merlin with us, gave us space to do our own thing and we did likewise.  She was and still is just plain cool.  Alana has a dog called Chelsea.  A bullmastiff/ridgeback cross who is one year old.  We were very kindly allowed to take Chelsea for walks on the nearby beach.  Now Chelsea isn’t like ordinary dogs.  When you throw a ball she takes some persuasion to actually go and fetch it.  She then takes even more encouragement to bring the ball back to you and you practically have to beg her to actually let go of it.

I captured these pictures on one of our early beach trips.  Now we are in the cooler Melbourne it’s bringing all the memories back of the blinking heat of Queensland!

A selection of my favourite images from this blog are available to buy at


Posted 28/01/2012 by Stefan Palmer in Australia

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  1. You are too kind Kerry, thank you for including us in your blog, we really enjoyed having you and Stef living with us. The photo’s of Chelsea are are really lovely, you’ve definately captured her essence – and she sure does love the beach!
    Take care and happy travels, can’t wait to catch up with you both again soon whether it be in Aus or in the UK.

    luv, Alana 🙂

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