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Our first dive in Queensland was on the Yongala wreck (see this post).  Almost our last was a second trip to one of the best wrecks in the world.  On this occasion the trip out to the site was considerable more choppy.  In fact 75% of the folks on the boat suffered from sea sickness.  Thankfully, Kerry and I didn’t.  The benefit of the choppy sea was perfect conditions below the water.  There were no currents at all, making the dives fantastic.  Unfortunately, no sharks on this trip.  We did spot a sea turtles briefly just as we had descended onto the wreck, on the first dive.  The wreck was still teaming with life.  At the starboard bow were two huge groper fish easily the size of a small car.  They were no threat to us…they don’t eat divers.  Both Kerry and I had eyes popping out of our heads when we saw them.  Due to the depth of the wreck (30 metres) we had to do two safety stops to allow the nitrogen build up in our bodies to disperse.  2 minutes at 10 metres and 3 minutes at 5 metres.  Even at 10 metres we still had fish swimming around us.  It is such a good dive site.

What’s next?  The Yongala it going to be hard to beat throughout the rest of our diving careers

These pictures are courtesy of Kerry….again!

A selection of my favourite images from this blog are available to buy at

Stefan Palmer


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