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On the outskirts of Melbourne city centre these is the Botanical Gardens.  Opening in 1846 , there are plants and trees from all around the world. In fact 10,000 individual species spread over 38 hectares.  It is a tranquil and peaceful place.  Once you step through the lych gate entrance you think you have been magically transported to the English countryside.   Well apart from the odd palm tree anyway.  The gardens are wonderful with sweeping lakes, shaded fern areas, open park land for folks to chill out with a book and a tea shop for my coffee fix of the day.  The whole park reminded Kerry and I of a visit to a UK National Trust property.  Even the leaflets were in the same design and colour.  The area is so vast that we only managed to walk around half of it during our visit.  The contrast at certain points in the park is incredible.  With the modern Melbourne skyline poking out above the tree line.   At other times you felt you were miles and miles away from Melbourne in the middle of the countryside.  Ducks in the lakes were plentiful, a man with a mental detector looking for buried treasure and the now common site of people sitting tapping away on their iPhones.

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