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Kerry and I have been in Melbourne for 5 weeks now and we love it.   Here the atmosphere is laid back and relaxed, there are enough familiar brand names to make us feel at home like Zara, Gap, Vodafone, Subway and Woolworths and areas like Maidstone, Newport, Tottenham and Kensington,.  But there are enough to make us realise we are in a foreign country like Hungry Jacks (a rebranded Burger King with the same burger logo) Meyers department store, Pie Face (self explan)  and Telstra (mobile company).  Some brands I am having difficulty remembering that we haven’t always known and visited them, even back in the UK.  Since China there has been a gradual transition, with many companies being Asian/Australasian centric.

The diversity of cultures here is incredible.  Kerry and I felt extremely comfortable while travelling through China.  There is a massive Chinese community in Melbourne and even a Chinese district, full of  fine restaurants, a few of which we have visited.  It is great sitting in a restaurant again having no idea what anyone in the room is talking about.  The Chinese are such a gracious and friendly people.  We enjoy being around them.  There are also plenty of Vietnamese, Indians and Malaysians just to keep that diversity flowing.  I’ve even heard Russian (Impossible! Sorry that’s a private joke with Kerry) Just to make us feel almost back in Europe there are plenty of French, Germans and Italians.  Living, as we currently do, in the city centre everything is so close.  The library with its free wifi (even when closed people just loiter on the steps), Aldi for cheap food and wine, an amazing array of museums and art galleries (most of which are free) and even pubs which look from the outside and inside like British pubs complete with stale smoke smells and sticky carpets….ace!!!

So what isn’t to like.  Mmmmmm. Prices.  Everything here is so expensive.  A pair of Gap Jeans $110, equivalent to £75.  A standard pair of converse trainers $90, equivalent to £61 and a month’s home broadband $80 equal to £54!  We plan to buy most things in the UK or USA and get them shipped.

There we have it a brief review of Melbourne.  Come and visit.

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Stefan Palmer

Posted 20/02/2012 by Stefan Palmer in Australia

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