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Having chased summer across the continents Kerry and I haven’t experience winter for a long time. This morning made me realise, here in Melbourne, it is definately on its way. It’s raining much cooler and just plain drab as a Soviet apartment block. What it odd is that is feels like a September morning with everything you associate with that. For me that means it would soon be my birthday (October),  Christmas would be not too far away with Christmas decorations beginning to appear in the shops, back to school posters would be everywhere offering discounted clothes and stationary and everyone would be talking about the end of the current year and how fast it all went by. Here, in Austalian, there is none of that right now. During the cold winter nights in the UK there is always the long Christmas break to look forward to. We were speaking to an Australian the other other day about this. They said, in Oz, it just gets darker and colder and draber with nothing to look forward to to break it up. How depressing! The northern hemisphere have it so much better. Kerry and I have both agreed that come 25th June we will have our very own Christmas day. With turkey and the trimmings, port, pork pies (some one must sell them in Melboure. Anyone that knows of a place, please let me know) and Christmas pudding with custard. I’m sure I have some Christmas tunes on my iTunes too. Should the neighbors hear us, they will think we are barney poms.

Now I wonder where we can buy a Christmas tree and decorations in June………..

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