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I’ve ran around this park on countless occasions recently training for the Melbourne half marathon.  I mainly chose this route because once I am on the circuit I don’t have to keep risking life and limb crossing the Melbourne roads. I know how far a lap is (1.47 miles) without having to keep remapping my runs.  My current best distance is seven times around in the pouring rain, some 10.5 miles.  It must be the Britishesque weather, reminding me of runs back in Bingham, that spurs me on.  It’s also a relief not to be running in the Queensland heat.

It’s quite a packed park area, housing the domed Royal Exhibition Building, lakes, tennis courts, The Melbourne Museum and the IMAX theatre, a visit of which is planned for the next Batman film.  In front of the Exhibition Building is a magnificent water feature.  The other morning I saw a tent set up on the grass with the automatic sprinklers drenching it and an amused gardener looking on.  On another day a huge group of nurses were protesting for their rights in the park.  Sadly they were not in uniform and the majority were male.  People use this open space to read, chat, exercise, study or just to get away from the city and chill out.

After a week of rain it was a beautiful day for a wonder in the park taking some photographs.

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Stefan Palmer


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