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I would like to point out that Melbourne isn’t in the grip of the an ice age. The pictures contained on this post where taken in November 2010, a few months before Kerry and I embarked on our Little Adventure. I came across these images recently, unprocessed and still in their RAW format. I started to work on them and became very homesick. I really miss the snow. Even with the havoc a few millimetres creates in the UK.  These photos where taken while walking down the Linney Path in Bingham, an abandoned railway line.  The temperature was minus 5C that day and I had difficulty using the camera.  The body being made of magnesium alloy means in low temperatures it feels really cold even with gloves on.

I feel cold just looking at these images and nostalgic for my old life which seems so long ago now.

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Stefan Palmer


Posted 17/03/2012 by Stefan Palmer in UK

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