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It took some time but Kerry and I have found a permanent (well 6 months at least) place to live.  It’s in Altona which is a suburb of Melbourne.  Nice and handy for Kerry to get to work on a bike. Yep those that know Kerry didn’t imagine that, I did use the words Kerry and cycling in the same sentence.  It’s a 2 bedroomed ‘unit’ as the Australians call it.  It’s a link detached bungalow in my estate agency view.  Basically the property is attached on both sides by our neighbour’s garages.  Four properties, of the same style, make up the little cul de sac.  So I could play my music pretty loud without anyone hearing….If I had any decent speakers that is.  The property comprises a lounge, kitchen with dining area off it, shower room and the two bedrooms.  There is a garage and a paved rear garden.  It is ideal for us.  We looked at a few cheaper places, mainly apartments but after 10 months of sharing accommodation either in hostels, hotels or house shares we were keen for our own proper space.  Its 5 minutes walk to the beach and sea front in Altona, great for my running and in zone 1 for trips back into Melbourne city centre.

We have signed a 6 month lease on the place and now our biggest challenge has been finding stuff to fill our new home.  What we could carry or tow across the world doesn’t fill much space.  We are in a bit of a dilemma.  We don’t want to buy too much, because we could be returning to the UK at the end of the tenancy, if Kerry doesn’t get sponsored.  Or if she does we will get our furniture and appliances, in storage in the UK, shipped out here.  So far we have decided on a futon for the lounge and we will use the mattress to sleep on in the bedroom at night, a couple of beanbags and some patio furniture that doubles up for indoors and outdoors.  We have also been to a couple of garage sales looking for a fridge and freezer.  We will hand wash clothes for six months and play that one by ear.  It such a difficult position to be in.  We have made a great job of making the place look like home so far.

Despite my initial concerns there are a lot of young people in Altona.  When we visited a couple of weeks ago to sign the lease contract the town was full of old people.  So old they appeared to have lost the ability to count money while in a cafe queue, you known that feeling when you are in a rush and despite the queue and the prices on the board they don’t even have their purse out when they are given the total price. Grrrr.  I’ll leave that pet annoyance of mine there.  Just for the record I love talking to old people and listening to their stories but……….

I plan to join the local Triathlon club and Kerry and I may join the volunteer lifeguards.  Crikey we are more than used to being in the water after our Divemaster training.  It will be a great way to meet people in the town and another way to stay fit.

Here’s some pictures of our new place.

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Stefan Palmer


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  1. Altona is good – I play on the golf course there quite a lot. You are so close to Williamstown – nice. Try St Paul de vincents – cheap furniture – or braybrook shop- redspot – also cheap and has a sale on at the moment – welcome to the area.

    • Hi, thanks for the welcome and the advice. We are a little short on furniture at the moment.

      Stefan Palmer

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