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Continuing the diary of our first year married.

Russia!!! The country I never thought in all my dreams I would ever visit. And there Kerry and I were. After a nerve wracking 2 hours at the boarder with Finland, were we in. Travelling along the main road into St Petersburg. Mmmmmm main road made of gravel with more holes in it than a culinder. What a beautiful city St Petersburg was tho. Amazing artitecture and beautiful people. From there the golden ring cities of Suzdel and Vladimir. Then the big one, Moscow. Just wow. Red Square, Lenin’s morsaleum, St Basils Catherdal, The Kremlin and a great welcome from Godzilla hostel. It was during this month that Kerry and I parted company with David and the Land Rover. We then hatched our plan to tranverse the Trans Siberian Railway. Well why not. How many people do you know who have done that iconic railway?

By Stefan Palmer

A selection of my favourite images from this blog are available to buy at stefanpalmer.photium.com

Stefan Palmer


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