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Further continuing the highlights of our first year of marriage

In September we managed to visit three countries. The end of the first part of our tour found us in Hong Kong – an amazing city where East truly meets West in a fusion of English road signs, dumpling houses and mega malls. We spent the day on the beach a stone’s throw from the skyscrapers, and hardly slept for three nights. It was there we met our second tour group, and continued into Southern China where we were fortunate to be invited to a Chinese family’s house for their Autumn festival celebrations – a traditional meal including… chicken feet!!!

The tour continued into Vietnam where we trekked in Sapa, the mountainous north, all steep hills, thick mists and incredible views. Next stop was Ha Noi where the tour officially ended, but the group decided to visit Ha Long Bay where we found ourselves marooned on a deserted island called Cat Ba after a day of deep water soloing and sea kayaking. As has been a tradition on this trip the quietest places were the most fun and an afternoon of Cat Ba Games and Cat Ba Karaoke we fell asleep to the sound of the sea.

We said goodbye to our new friends on the mainland and Stef and I continued southwards through Vietnam. We visited the ancient capital Hue before heading on to pretty Hoi An , then managed to find an excellent dive school in Na Trang and finally finishing in Saigon. My overriding memory of Vietnam is the rain. From the second we bid farewell to our tour group until we finally made our escape it rained. Poured in fact. Every. Single. Day. But what a country!

By Kerry Feely

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