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We are comfortably settled into our new home in Altona (see post link here). We are two minutes walk from the beach. Having never lived on the coast before, it feels like being on holiday. So far I’ve been for a run along the beach track, cycled a little bit around the town and had a few morning swims in the sea. If only I could get hold of some cylinders, I’d go for a dive…….mmmmmm. With so much coastline around Philip Bay, all close to Melbourne, Altona appears to have missed out on all the trendy sea front bars and resturants. The town centre is made up of a supermarket and a handful of hairdressers, bric a brac shops, average to poor coffee shops and restaurants providing food from various Asian countries. None of which concerns us.  We are here for the views, and the smell of the sea.  On the beach there is a lifeguard station, a pier and a few grassy areas before sand and sea. The sea itself is very shallow for a good 30 metres out. Due to the lack of surf, around Altona, Kite surfing is very popular. A walk by the beach is guarenteed to give you the opportunity to watch the guys in action. Because the area is so flat the skyline of Melbourne is nearly always visible. I had the coolest view the other day running along the beach looking at both the sea 10 metres away and the hazy skyscrapers in the distance some 18km away.

I do like this seaside living.

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