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For Kerry’s birthday we decided to experience the Skydeck (here’s a link to more infomation). The Skydeck is situated in the tallest building, measuring 297.30 metres, in Melbourne. It dominates the skyline. We travelled (at an ear popping 9 metres per second) to the 88th floor for some truly breathtaking views of the city and well beyond, from out vantage point at 285 metres. Clearly visible where many of the places we have already visited; The Tennis Centre, Royal Botanical Gardens, Central Shopping Mall with its districtive glass cone, Australian Centre for Moving Images, Federation Square and The Shrine of Rememberence. We could also see Willamstown, Yarraville and Altona. Every now and again up there you had to steady yourself as the structure moved ever so slightly in the wind. It was well worth the money.

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Stefan Palmer


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