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The Great Ocean Road Trip….Booked!   1 comment

Excited…..Great Ocean Road Trip booked.  The plan is to  hire a car from Geelong travel the coastal road to Portland with a overnight stop off in Nirranda then back to Geelong the next day across country.  Can’t wait.  The camera will be busy those few days.

The route in blue


Melbourne at night   1 comment

Melbourne looks stunning at night time. Everywhere you look is another great photo waiting to be taken.  My night time shoot coincided with a visit to Melbourne by Alana, our house mate in Townsville, Queensland, while we were doing our Divemaster training.  She was in town to see our very own legendary David Attenborough give a talk and the fabulous Regal Theatre.  It was great to catch up and show Alana some of Altona while she was staying with us.

Back to the shoot.  With a few shots taken with Alana with us, Kerry and I disappeared into the City, while Alana was at the show.  Now  I wish I had done this shoot in the summer when it was warmer.  Kerry and I were freezing.  It was also blowing a gale unfortunately making some of my images unusable (not noticed until I got home) until I tweaked my camera settings.

We managed to spot a possum while down near the river.  Being a Brit I just thought it was a cat at first until Alana put us right.

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A little night time teaser image   Leave a comment

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Shrine of Rememberence   Leave a comment

With less than a month to go before we leave Melbourne and Australia for good, Kerry and I are ticking off the list of places we want to visit.  This weekend we visited the Shrine of Remembrance on the outskirts of the city centre.  Opened in 1934 it is an impressive building with a museum beneath it about the conflicts the Australian people have fought in.  In a way visiting the Shrine took me back to Volgograd, Russia our visit to which seems so long along now (June 2011).  What I didn’t even think about until visiting the Shrine of Remembrance was that when the Australians entered the war in Europe, just how far away they were from home.  To me, of course, Europe is a quick hop over the Channel.  It would have taken these brave souls weeks to get to the action and they would have been thinking about what to expect while travelling.  It makes me shiver at the thought.

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Off we go!   1 comment

Many of you who have been reading this blog for sometime will know we have considered staying in Australian for an extended length of time 4 or 5 years.  We have had the opportunity to do so, but ultimately we are homesick.  We miss our friends, family and the oldness of the UK.  So today we booked our tickets home to the UK.  We are doing the journey home in two legs.  The first is on the 4th September from Melbourne to Bangkok (with a brief stop back in Kuala Lumpar).  We are spending 4 weeks in Thailand sightseeing, taking more photographs, seeing friends and DIVING!   The second leg is Bangkok to London.  We will arrive in the UK on 4th October, in time for the run up to Christmas…….It will be good to see the old place, friends and family.

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