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With less than a month to go before we leave Melbourne and Australia for good, Kerry and I are ticking off the list of places we want to visit.  This weekend we visited the Shrine of Remembrance on the outskirts of the city centre.  Opened in 1934 it is an impressive building with a museum beneath it about the conflicts the Australian people have fought in.  In a way visiting the Shrine took me back to Volgograd, Russia our visit to which seems so long along now (June 2011).  What I didn’t even think about until visiting the Shrine of Remembrance was that when the Australians entered the war in Europe, just how far away they were from home.  To me, of course, Europe is a quick hop over the Channel.  It would have taken these brave souls weeks to get to the action and they would have been thinking about what to expect while travelling.  It makes me shiver at the thought.

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Stefan Palmer


Posted 10/08/2012 by Stefan Palmer in Australia

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