First thoughts on Thailand   2 comments

One word…..MAD!  It’s just bonkers.  It’s like being back in Vietnam.  There are so many people.  So much happening, sights, sounds, smells, rain…just stuff going on.  It feels like we never visited Australia even after a couple of days back in South East Asia.  We had a great welcome from our friends David and Mandy who live in Bangkok, who put us up for a few nights.  And after a short bus ride to Cha Am, have had a great day today with Darren and Kirsty, friends from Nottingham.


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2 responses to “First thoughts on Thailand

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  1. I’ve just come back from Bangkok! What my latest post is about 😀
    Such an awesome place, a cauldron of chaos!
    I’m hitting up Vietnam in September, any tips? 🙂

    • We loved Vietnam, but had three solid weeks of rain this time last year. Pack a poncho. If you go to Hue, we recommend the Citidel tour there. Diving in Nha Trang was great too. Dive with Rainbow divers. If you don’t dive they do courses, if you do they have really knowledgable guides.

      Deep water soloing in Halong Bay was scary fun fun. A stay on one of the remote islands in the bay is highly recommended.

      Enjoy your trip

      Regards Stef

      Stefan Palmer

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