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Part of the role of dive crew is to act as surface watch on a dive. We all taken it in turns, helping with kit up and water entry, taking the details for the dive roster, watching divers progress while underwater by tracking bubbles, being ready to recall divers in a diver emergency and assistane or supervise in the event of a rescue situation. Attached is a link to a brief video I captured this weekend while on the bow of the diveboat doing surface watch. The sea was totally flat. So flat it looked like dodgy 90’s CGI water. I was tracking bubbles towards the end of a dive in which some 12 divers where beneath the surface, including Kerry.

Here’s a link to the video

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We are Divemasters   5 comments

That’s it. Kerry and I are officially Divemasters. We are now qualified professional scuba divers. Ace! What it also means is we can get paid to do something we love doing.  The picture below shows blue dots for all our skills.  Our diver nicknames are Dolph and Huck.

All told the course as taken us nine weeks. With seven dive weekends to Pelorus Island and six pool sessions helping to teach open water students taking their first tentative breaths as scuba divers. In my interview to start the Divemaster course I said I wanted to be a DM to help other people discover the amazing underwater world. I’ve already started doing that while in Townsville. I can’t wait to do it some more as a Divemaster and an instructor for many years to come. Infact this weekend I was diving with a lady ,who until the weekend trip, hadn’t dived for a while so was lacking confidence in the water. At one point on the final dive she just knelt on the sea bottom at 13 metres and looked around mesmerized at the sight. Colourful coral gardens extending into the distance, a huge divesity of fish exploring their surrounding, massive coral bommies soaring towards the surface and clown fish darting in and out of anemone. I reckon she’s hooked again……..

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Open water, turtles, sharks and challenging conditions   Leave a comment

Another weekend on Pelorus Island.  This one started with blue sky and mill pond conditions.  I lead an advanced diver dive…and what a dive.  A white tip shark and a dozing sea turtle which decided to gently lift off the ocean bottom when it saw us and leisurely swim away.

Overnight we heard plenty of thunder and had quite a light show in the distance with the lightning…but no rain.

The next morning…wow.  Huge waves and surf making it extremely difficult to get kit back out to the boat.  Cuts, scrapes and plenty of salt water was swallowed during that hour of loading.

Thankfully the weather improved and allowed us to dive a site called Brambles.  There we saw white tip sharks on four separate occasions and beautiful coral gardens awsome!

Photographs courtesy of Kerry, thanks Kerry.

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How to become a Scuba DiveMaster   Leave a comment

I have now been studying for my Dive Master certification for four weeks. If you have been following my posts, you will know I’ve been to the nearby Pelorus Island on three dive trips assisting instructors conducting Open Water, Advanced and Rescue Diver courses. I have also assisted in many pool sessions as well. O2 administration and first aid courses have also been completed (see info dump post here).  I thought you would like to see to exactly what the whole course involves.

Here goes……….

* Knowledge Reviews 1-9.
* Exams 1 & 2 based on knowledge Reviews.
* Emergency Assistance Plan.
* Stamina Exercise 1 – Timed 400m swim.
* Stamina Exercise 2 – 15 Minute Tread Water (last 2 mins with hands of of the water).
* Stamina Exercise 3 – Timed 800m Snorkel.
* Stamina Exercise 4 – Timed Tired Diver Tow.
* A Full Diver Rescue With No Mistakes.
* 20 Dive Skills at Demonstration Level.
* Skill 1 Mapping a Dive Site.
* Skill 2 Equipment Exchange (Under water of course and sharing only one air supply)
* Skill 3 Dive Master Conducted Programme #1 Full Discover Scuba Diving Course.
* Conduct Discover Snorkeling and  Discover Local Diving courses.
* Conduct Scuba Review or Skin Diving Course.
* Leadership Evaluation.
*5 Confined Water Training Sessions (pool) Including 1 Open Water.
*5 Open Water Training Sessions (in the sea) Including 1 Open Water.
*1 Supervisory Situation With Certified Divers (lead a dive).

Basically by the end of it I will have developed gills and webbed hands and feet. Anyone remember the 70’s TV series called The  Man from Atlantis?  That will be me. We plan to leave Townsville on the 5th January…so lots to do before then.

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G’day cobber   Leave a comment

Drafted on the aeroplane from Kuala Lumpur to The Gold Coast (sorry no spell check)

I felt quite sad leaving Kuala Lumpur. Firstly I really liked the city and secondly it means the end of this part of our trip. It’s been amazing. We have met so many brilliant people, made some new friends and seen amazing places. It’s also been challenging arranging transport and accommodation far enough in advance so as to keep the trip momentum and not end up bedless for the night. I’m going to miss that.  I’ve really enjoyed staying in one place for a couple of days and moving on. Yep I’ve turned into a real nomad. However I’m really excited about Australia. I never thought I would ever travel to the land of Neighboughs, Home & Away and Kylie Minogue! It presents new opportunities and challenges. We need to arrange long termish accommodation. We have booked into a hostel for a couple of nights when we arrive in Townesville. We are viewing a couple of houses, in the town on Friday with a view to house sharing, what better way to get to know the area. We start our diving courses almost immediately. We will have alot to take in over six to eight weeks. We need more dive kit. Torches, wetsuits and compasses off the top of my head. We have a vibrant new town to explore (and me to photograph). I will be setting up an online photo sales website. I have a few ideas about that. I have enough photos to choose from to sell! My blog alone contains over 1000 images. If anyone knows of a good do it yourself site that I can integrate a paypal purchase facility and gives me a good level of creative control, please let me know. So lots to do. Lots more posts to write here and on my new Drivemaster blog. Australia beckons in mmmmm about 3 half hours if this plane cuts of the turbulance shinanigans.

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