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Happy New Year   Leave a comment

Thank you for reading my blog this year.  It’s been one hell of a year.  We started it in Queensland Australia, seeing in the new year on Mount Paluma and we are ending it in our new home back in the UK in Cornwall.  In between we have lived in the amazing city of Melbourne for 9 months, traveled the Great Ocean Road in southern Oz, visited Thailand where we stayed on the island of Kho Toa (and scuba dived!) and spend a great time with friends in Bangkok.  Back in the UK a few days where we spend time catching up with friends and family in London and Nottingham before the move to Cornwall.  We both have jobs…..damn reality hurts!

More travels and diving are planned so keep reading.


Top 15 moments of our Little Adventure   Leave a comment

Kerry and I have now arrived back in the UK from our Little Adventure.  There are loads more posts to come.  I just need to get the images processed.  In the meantime I have been reflecting ion the whole experience.  Each moment has its link to the actual post.

1. Most poignant – Auschwitz

2. Most wow – The Great Wall of China

3. Disconcerting moment – My hair cut in Vietnam.

4. Cool – Hong Kong

5. Am I really here? – Red Square Moscow

6. Does it get any better? – New Year on Mount Zero.

7. Frustrating – The Russian/Chins boarder.

8. Wettest – Hue, Vietnam.

9. Best Ariel View – The Skydeck Melbourne.

10. Musical moment- Xi An

11. Journey – Halong Bay.

12. Creepy – Seeing Lenin laying in state.

13. Accommodation – Rice fields of China.

14. Insane – Deepwater Soloing.

15. Satisfying – completing my Scuba Divemaster.

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3 6 6   Leave a comment

That is how many days Kerry and I have now been away from the UK on our Little Adventure.  It seems a lifetime ago we set off from Jersey bound for France in the Landrover early in the morning on 16th May 2011.  Those of you who have followed this blog will know we have seen some amazing sites.  Those of you who are reading this blog for the first time….have a good old dig around.  I have no idea where we will be on 16th may 2013.  How exciting is that prospect!

Keep reading and thank you!

A selection of my favourite images from this blog are available to buy at

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A New Home   2 comments

It took some time but Kerry and I have found a permanent (well 6 months at least) place to live.  It’s in Altona which is a suburb of Melbourne.  Nice and handy for Kerry to get to work on a bike. Yep those that know Kerry didn’t imagine that, I did use the words Kerry and cycling in the same sentence.  It’s a 2 bedroomed ‘unit’ as the Australians call it.  It’s a link detached bungalow in my estate agency view.  Basically the property is attached on both sides by our neighbour’s garages.  Four properties, of the same style, make up the little cul de sac.  So I could play my music pretty loud without anyone hearing….If I had any decent speakers that is.  The property comprises a lounge, kitchen with dining area off it, shower room and the two bedrooms.  There is a garage and a paved rear garden.  It is ideal for us.  We looked at a few cheaper places, mainly apartments but after 10 months of sharing accommodation either in hostels, hotels or house shares we were keen for our own proper space.  Its 5 minutes walk to the beach and sea front in Altona, great for my running and in zone 1 for trips back into Melbourne city centre.

We have signed a 6 month lease on the place and now our biggest challenge has been finding stuff to fill our new home.  What we could carry or tow across the world doesn’t fill much space.  We are in a bit of a dilemma.  We don’t want to buy too much, because we could be returning to the UK at the end of the tenancy, if Kerry doesn’t get sponsored.  Or if she does we will get our furniture and appliances, in storage in the UK, shipped out here.  So far we have decided on a futon for the lounge and we will use the mattress to sleep on in the bedroom at night, a couple of beanbags and some patio furniture that doubles up for indoors and outdoors.  We have also been to a couple of garage sales looking for a fridge and freezer.  We will hand wash clothes for six months and play that one by ear.  It such a difficult position to be in.  We have made a great job of making the place look like home so far.

Despite my initial concerns there are a lot of young people in Altona.  When we visited a couple of weeks ago to sign the lease contract the town was full of old people.  So old they appeared to have lost the ability to count money while in a cafe queue, you known that feeling when you are in a rush and despite the queue and the prices on the board they don’t even have their purse out when they are given the total price. Grrrr.  I’ll leave that pet annoyance of mine there.  Just for the record I love talking to old people and listening to their stories but……….

I plan to join the local Triathlon club and Kerry and I may join the volunteer lifeguards.  Crikey we are more than used to being in the water after our Divemaster training.  It will be a great way to meet people in the town and another way to stay fit.

Here’s some pictures of our new place.

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It’s the end but the moments been prepared for………   Leave a comment

It is with a heavy heart and much regret that I must announce the death of my travel converse trainers.  These beloved trainers have been my constant travelling companion (with Kerry of course) since setting off from the UK in May 2011. Initially they were purchased for Kerry and I’s wedding, forming  part of my decadent outfit. Since then they have experienced may marvelous sights including trekking the great wall of China, keeping my feet dryish in rain the soaked forests of Germany while wild camping, propelling me through the hustle and bustle of the Beijing streets and inadvertently experiencing a gay night in a Russian bar.

My trusty converse have been superglued back together on many occassions, but the end is now here.

Here are some converse highlights.

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So here we are.   Leave a comment

Today marks the 300th day Kerry and I have been on the road!  In the last 50 days we have moved on from our Divemaster training in Townsville, Kerry has got a respectable job (she may have to rename her blog now), we have found somewhere to live for the next 6 months here in Melbourne and I’ve started training for the Melbourne half marathon in October (easy).  I have also launched my photography website and got my first sales from it.

Roll on the next 50.  Crickey, just thought, that will be almost a year on the road!

A selection of my favourite images from this blog are available to buy at

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More images   Leave a comment

Hi folks,

I’ve today added 10 new images to my photography website at  They include  a stunning night time shot of the birds nest olympic stadium in beijing and the seemingly endless great wall of china.

Take a look.



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