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Hong Kong….Well what can I say.  It is such a mix of cultures.  So much Western/British ness still after 14 years of being back under Chinese ownership. With double decker buses, British road signs and….they drove on the left!

Our room in the hostel was tiny, a double bed just fitted in and with a spacious bathroom where we had to stash our dive bag.  The room had no drawer unit, wardrobe and some rooms didn’t even have windows.  Space is at such a premium why waste it on rooms you just sleep in.  The Chinese philosophy of copy it and flog it cheap doesn’t apply here either.  All stores sell genuine stuff, no iPads running Android in this city!  The shopping malls were in abundence and gloriously designed. With brilliant open spaces, glass ceilings and marble floors.  We saw ques for Louis Vetton, Dior and Zenga stores.    You will see below some spectacular shots of the city taken both day and night.  It was easy to just stand at the top of the Peak (which is accessed by a cool fanicular railway) and just stare for hours at the view.  Hong Kong was a surprise.  I wasn’t expecting the green countryside areas and beaches (we did indulge one day is a spot of sunbathing and swimming) along with the high rise skyscrapers.  It felt a very safe city too.  We all wondered back to our hotel at 1.30 one morning after walked across town with no hastle.  We fitted so much into our two days there, it was mental.  Kerry and both said we could easily and would love to live in Hong Kong in the future.  It would also make a brilliant holiday destination with something for everyone.  That’s my big recommendation of the trip.

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