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1981 to 2011   1 comment

I was reading Kerry’s post the other day about technology (a link is below) and it got me thinking.  Yesterday marked the final launch by the American Space Shuttle.  I clearly remember in 1981 as a 10 year old boy watching the first launch on my parents wooden cased (with sexy chrome legs) colour TV set.  I was in awe as John Young and Robert Crippen blasted off into space on a new wave of American space optimism.

I have followed the progam with interest though the years.  The tragedies with Challenger and Columbia.  The successes with ISS and Hubble.  Little could I have imagined, back in 1981, that the shuttle would still be in service 30 years later.  Even more so I could have never have imagined that I would watch the Shuttles final launch live from a laptop computer connected to the internet with picture quality far far better that 1981’s TV images.  Ok add to that I was in Moscow at the time, the country of the Americans bitter space rivals in 1981.

What a difference 30 years makes on so many levels!

Stefan Palmer