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These are a few of my favourite images from our adventure so far……

This picture is one of a set taken in the Aquarium in Beijing.  They were utterly mesmerizing to watch.

This shot was taken after our tiring second day trekking in the hills of Sapa,Vietnam.  Just before we reached the mini bus home we came across these two and there pet bird.

This shot was taken in the subway underneath Tienanmen Square, Beijing.  I’m guessing it is father and daughter.

I took this picture a little boy in Jianshou, China.  We stumbled across a huge group of people sitting chatting, playing musical instruments and kids playing.  He loved posing for the camera and seeing his picture when I showed him the screen.

This shot was taken in Kazan, Russia, outside the Kremlin. It depicts the famous Tatar poet Musa Jalil and is just outside the entrance to the Kremlin grounds.  The poet is depicted with his arms tied behind his back and his legs entangled in barbed wire: a tribute to his heroic efforts fighting in WWII, where he ultimately met his end

The sun was in a perfect position.  The statue looks great shadowed against the sun.

A sunny vast beach at St Michels Mount in France.  The sky was amazing with the fluffy clouds and the shadows they cast on the sandy beach.

 A couple of Auschwitz, Poland shots.  It was such an eerie day.  I just had to get an imposing shot of the main arch of Birkenau Camp 2 with the railway line running through it.  I literally lay on the track to get this shot how I wanted it.  The chained gates was shot I took on the way out of the camp.  It just seemed to say it all and showed off the size of the camp extending into the distance.

Perfect still water gave a perfect reflection of the sky.  I love this shot of the lake next to our camp site in Lithuania.

Our final wild campsite of all time.  Saratov, Russia. The night before this picture was taken was gray, misty and pouring with rain.  We awoke the following morning to this.  The base of the trees has been scorched at some stage, giving a lovely contrast with the white upper bark and the blue sky with the wisps of white cloud.

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Posted 12/10/2011 by Stefan Palmer

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