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Every night on Kho Toa at the Lotus Beach Bar there is a fire show.  It’s a great way of getting more punters in.  The show runs from 9pm till midnight.  Tables and cushions are set up on the beach and table service is available, just to keep the drinks flowing.  To put prices into perspective a double spirit drink with a mixer will set you back the astronomical price of…….£2!

The show is impressive with the guys twirling chains with flaming balls of fire on the ends or sticks with just enough none burning parts that they can hold and twirl them.  Both chains and sticks are thrown casually in the air and caught.  The guys also walk amongst the seated crowd and twirl the fire around spectator’s heads.  Luckily no one on the island seemed to wear flammable hair products on the days we were watching.

Usually by the end of the night we felt quite tipsy but without that horrible feeling as you leave a bar and the outside air hits you.  We had a few of these nights.

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