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Bangkok’s sights   Leave a comment

During our time in Bangkok we travelled out to the main temple district of the city.  It was a struggle to get there due to our distance from the main tourist area.  After being turned down by 4 taxi drivers we maanged to persuade one to take us all the way.  It must have cost her all of £2.00……We found Bagkok very humid, dirty and not particularly friendly.  Having said that the sights in the grand palace where amazing.  So much gold and bling.

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Backpackers, Diving and Germans   1 comment

For out initial stay on the main populated side of Koh Toa we stayed at a resort called Souiree Village which, of course, had a scuba diving center attached to it. Koh Toa is a renowned diving location with over 50 dive companies on the island. The resort was situated close to restaurants and cafes and on the doorstep to the beach. My first dive since January in Queensland was to a well known and great site called Chumporn Pinnacle  It was brilliant to get back in the water. It was a nice leisurely dive with an older gentleman from Frankfurt and our guide Paddy from Surrey. Max depth 29 metres, dive time 40 minutes. The amount of coral was disappointing but there was a huge abundance of fish.

I have noted that after a few days on this side of the island I can’t help noticing the number of Germans. I would like to point out that I have no issues with our European friends however they are everywhere. This must be the time of the year that they get good deals to travel to Thailand. The older gents are particularly easy to spot on a dive boat or the beach prancing about in their black skimpy speedos….its so wrong.

The next few days involve sunbathing, diving and studying for yet another dive course. This time Nitrox/enriched air training.

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Arrival in Koh Toa   Leave a comment

After a few days in Bangkok is was off to the island of Koh Toa. We had an early start from Cha Am at 7.30 to take a taxi to Hui Han, then a 4 hour (luxury for a change, which means no dripping air con in Thailand) bus trip to Chumporn. From there an hours Catamaran journey to Koh Toa.

For our first couple of nights on the island we decided to get away from it all on the less populated east side. We booked a hillside bamboo cottage with amazing views of the deserted bay. The resort we stayed at was called Moondance. With its interconnecting wooden gantries it reminded me of a set for Planet of the Apes and that old computer game Myst. With an outside bathroom, great balcony, a fantastic snorkeling spot and friendly staff what more could you want…….

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First thoughts on Thailand   2 comments

One word…..MAD!  It’s just bonkers.  It’s like being back in Vietnam.  There are so many people.  So much happening, sights, sounds, smells, rain…just stuff going on.  It feels like we never visited Australia even after a couple of days back in South East Asia.  We had a great welcome from our friends David and Mandy who live in Bangkok, who put us up for a few nights.  And after a short bus ride to Cha Am, have had a great day today with Darren and Kirsty, friends from Nottingham.

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